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My signature Sauce is Men PA'W. It is categorized as a specialty sauce; because it combines heat and flavor of five different types of  EXOTIC peppers, along with the pleasant blend of other seasoning spices in order to distribute a sauce packed with lots of flavor, and with heat you would expect from a Habaneros pepper Sauce. When you taste Men PA'W you're in for a treat. Experience this fresh home made recipe hot sauce you can eat with any dishes. Chefs are renowned for their creative combination of spices and hot sauces. This versatile Sauce can compliment the flavor of any dishes, like beef, pork, fish, chicken, soups, and even eggs.

Men PA'W  Entices you to want more...
Men PA'W is the perfect Gourmet Hot Sauce. Please call to order!! 
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Winners of The Hot Pepper Awards 2013
"THE HOT PEPPER AWARD" is the overall top category winner

Bon Appetite Magazine March 8th Article 2013
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